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Thank you for your interest in Good News Church.
We are Bible based and follow the New Testament model of having church.
We come together in homes just like they did in the Book of Acts.
This enables Christians to experience a close and warm atmosphere where they can enjoy each others friendship and support.
In many parts of the world, the church functions this way. The church in China which now is the largest church in the world, has been operating this way for many years. There are also many churches in the United States who are following this example and choosing this direction.
As Bible prophecies are fulfilled, difficult times will come and home churches will prove to be very effective spiritually, morally, practically and economically.
Good News Church has many home Churches throughout the region and these are in the capable hands of trained Leaders.
Our weekly activities are carefully planned and provide spiritual and social enrichment for all who participate.
To ensure this we remain on the cutting edge of this kind of ministry and provide state of the art material and leadership.

We share with our children the truth about:
The Godhead, Creation, The Bible and
Many other important and relevant subjects.

We provide our Teenagers:
Freedom to fully participate in our Home Church Cells
Motivation and help to excel at School and College.
The Christian principles of dating and relationships.
Information about the dangers of addiction.

We provide our Adults and Parents with information on:
How to discover their purpose in life.
How to be successful and prosper.
How to enjoy a loving and happy marriage.
How to be at peace and experience good relationships.

Once a month all the Home Church Cells come together for a Cellebration.
This is a time of great excitement and jubilation.
We have a program to support international mission projects.
We take groups overseas on mission trips.
We are on the front line of helping the needy and feeding the homeless.
Our ordained Ministries are effective in the Detention Centers, Hospitals, Evangelism and Christian Counseling.

Contact us for referral to one of our home churches

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