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Please read this section carefully to participate in our Online Bible College.
This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in learning more about the Bible and its teachings. Our aim is to equip all who take these courses, to deepen there walk with God and to minister more effectively. Due to a tremendous need throughout the world, we decided to offer these courses without charge. It is available to anyone willing to study this material and complete the work. Our Courses are of the highest quality and we want to sow them into your life and ministry. You are welcome to sow into our ministry and Good News Bible College. Rest assured that this is fruitful ground and it is producing a mighty harvest!

All study material is located online on this website.
Completed answers to all the questions are e-mailed or mailed to us by the Student. A Diploma and Transcript is sent to all graduating students after completion of the Course. All correspondence is conducted in English.

Please send us your enrollment information before you begin our courses.

 Contact us if you or your church are interested in purchasing training materials for these courses, such as manuals, workbooks, or audio cd's 

Course List:

24 Doctrines
1 The God-Head
09 The Church 17 Spiritual Warfare
2 God the Father 10 The Gift of the Holy Spirit 18 Praise and Worship
3 Jesus Christ 11 Spiritual Gifts 19 Purposes of God
4 The Holy Spirit 12 Spiritual Fruits 20 Heaven and Hell
5 The Bible 13 Ministries of the Spirit 21 False Prophets
6 Man and Sin 14 Fasting and Prayer 22 Restoration
7 A Great Salvation 15 Stewardship 23 Dimensions of Man
8 Water Baptism 16 Faith 24 Last Things

In Ministry
1 Preacher
2 Teacher
3 Shepherd
4 Evangelist
5 Christian Counseling
6 Ministering Effectively

Bible Training
1 Old Testament
2 New Testament
3 Church History
4 Bible Languages

Information to send:

I would like to enroll as a online student of Good News Bible College -
Address: street / apartment / city / state / country
Internet connection speed/availability:
Educational background:
Spiritual Background:
Date of birth:
Single/ Married 

Mailing Address:

Good News
Bible College
P.O. Box 12496
Knoxville, TN 37912

*Requirements to graduate Good News Bible College may change at any time without notice. We may change our curriculum from time to time and we may adjust our graduation requirements accordingly.

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